Part of the Kōloa Plantation Days festival: Meet your guide, Marty Kuala, outside Crazy Shirts (the old Yamamoto Store) on Friday, July 29th at 10am. Walk and learn about the history of Koloa Town, which was built up around one of Hawaii’s first commercial sugar plantations.

Marty will take you to the 3rd Koloa Mill, the Monument and point out historic buildings and chat about their previous incarnations as a dispensary, churches, motel for traveling salesmen, supply store for whaling ships, soda factory, and other enterprises.

This is a great way to work up your lunch appetite and to learn a lot about historic and charming Koloa Town! Old Kōloa Town is a Contributing Sponsor of the Kōloa Plantation Days festival, a ten-day event held every year in July. This year’s theme: “Gather Together Again” honors the return of this Kauai-island tradition after a one-year break! Festivities take place all over Koloa and Poʻipū.

DATE: Friday, July 29, 2022
MEETING POINT: Old Kōloa Town, Crazy Shirts